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I was brainstorming ideas for meeting themes for a client. There was three or four of us and we were doing the usual butcher paper on the wall type of exercise.

I follow a routine that was developed by Walt Disney. For the first session the rule is "No idea is a bad idea." Essentially every idea or theme is put on the list and no one can say we have done that before, that is stupid or any other negative comment. This gets the creative flow going and keeps everyone involved. The second meeting is where you get critical and pare the list down.

Anyway, back to the subject at hand. One member of the group did an internet search for "Meeting Themes." All but one of the links was for meeting themes to buy. Come on. All of us in this business have sat around for hours and developed meeting themes. It doesn't take a rocket scientist or even a high scholl graduate to come up with "Facing the Future" and a "World of Opportunity" and certainly no one has the rights to them. Most of them are stolen from someone else anyway.

So here is the answer. I am posting the ideas we came up with that day and they are free for the taking. All i ask is that you take some and then give some back. After your brainstorming session post the ones you come up with (or not). It's Radiohead for themes. Kooky.

Here's mine to get the ball rolling and the creative blood flowing...

Facing the Future - Together                        Facing the Challenges               Facing Forward
The Challenge of Change                              Challenge Yourself                    Meeting the Challenge
Innovate, Integrate, Motivate                       Innovation Integration               Shaping the Future
Charting the Course                                   Leadership: Share the Vision   
Leadership: Precision & Performance
Leadership Challenge                                   Worldwide Leader                         Performance Driven
Pride and Performance                                The Power of Performance               Right time - Right now
A World of Opportunities                               Focus on Success                            Success Oriented
Strategies for Success                                 Success through Synergy                    It Starts with Us
Customer Focus                                             Make it Happen                              Sharing Solutions
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